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  • Term
  • Universal Life
  • Guaranteed Universal Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Survivorship Universal Life
  • 137 years old and currently the second largest US based life insurance company
  • 3.6 Trillion of death benefit in force and 1.1 Trillion of assets under management
  • 50% of carrier earnings come from life insurance as they are a life insurance company first and foremost
  • Number one writer of term insurance last year in the industry
  • Convertibility Privileges- Conversion available to all products for the full duration of the term. (One of the very few carriers that offer this.)
  • Return of Premium Term- 1 of 3 carriers that offer.
  • Fewer requirements needed than most other carriers (no inspection reports, no treadmill/ECG required, no MD exams, and exams are good for up to 12 months up to age 70 creating a smoother, less invasive process for the client.)
  • Clients can possibly get preferred with normal follow-up on the following cancer histories- prostate, testicular and thyroid. For clients with breast cancer possible Non-Smoker plus Non-Smoker Plus on diabetics that have good control of the condition.